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Servicing & M.O.T.

SERVICING –  from an oil change to a full inspection and complete scheduled service work.


We are able to offer a Triumph Recommended Service Schedule, and are pleased to give you a signed service sheet for the services carried out on your vehicle, thus helping to keep your service records up to date.


Suggested Triumph servicing intervals would have been 6,000 miles for standard specification cars, or 3,000 miles for fast road and performance specification cars, but with a maximum suggested interval of six months between the services.  These days, knowing that we do not cover the mileage in the cars as we did when they were new, we at JIGSAW recommend that cars be serviced at six monthly intervals for fast road and performance cars and once a year for standard specification cars.


We work to the recommended checks, as laid out by Triumph and this includes:-

  • Changing oil and filter
  • Change or cleaning air filter as required
  • Clean out petrol pump bowl and filter
  • Check and clean spark plugs, or change as necessary
  • Check and reset valve clearances as necessary
  • Check distributor components and change as necessary
  • Remove road wheels and brake drums, check and clean, and replace as necessary
  • Check tyre pressures
  • Check brake and clutch pedal, and handbrake travel
  • Check water levels and top up
  • Check hydraulic fluids, oil in carburettor dashpots, gearbox and differential and fill as necessary
  • Check lights and replace bulbs as required

A general standard service takes around three hours to carry out, but please always allow for the unforeseen.  Why not combine your service with your MOT.


M.O.T’s  – we can arrange for your vehicle to have an MOT test whilst your car is with us, although we do not have the facilities here at our workshop we work with a long established local independent MOT station, who have carried out our MOT tests for us for a number of years, they have a good working knowledge and understanding of our classic vehicles, thus giving a quality assessment of your vehicle at the time of the test.  Should work be required following an MOT test, we can estimate the work for you and complete as required, then present the car for re-test and pass certificate.